Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Name meaning for the kids

Benjamin Michael

Benjamin - son of my right hand, son of my pain; in the Bible, Benjamin was the last son of Rachel who died in childbirth, son of my old age; also last son and last child of Jacob
Michael - who is like God; one of the archangels

Chloe Renee

Chloe - green shoot, blooming; Greek Heroine, another name for fertility goddess Demeter
Renee - born again, reborn

Benjamin is walking

Benjamin began walking this past Saturday. Just like I thought, he waited for his daddy to come home and took 10 steps across the room to him.

He's still a crawler for most of his movement activities, but I know those days are numbered.

My dream...

I want to home school my kids. I want to quit working and stay home with them. The more preschool I do with Chloe, the more I want to do. I think I could do it. I think I would excel at it. I think it would make our family stronger and alleviate the stress I have over the children's education. It would also make us a more portable family unit.

The issue? Money. While Stacey is the primary breadwinner, I'm not far behind. Pair that will our comfy lifestyle and there you go. We have a mortgage and two new cars on lease.

I am hoping that our house sells (it's back on the market), we can find a nice place with reasonable rent and ditch one of the cars when the leases come up (2010 sadly). That or win the lottery. I'd take either. Of course that would mean I'd have to play and I'm too cheap for that. I have worked to cut out extra spending. We no longer have satellite TV and while we now have YMCA membership, I did ditch my gym membership and the Y would fit into my home school curriculum. I try and keep us spending reasonably, but the big three really get us.

Until that day comes, and I feel that it will, I will continue to home school Chloe and enjoy the time I do spend with my family. I used to enjoy working and while I like my job, the appeal of being home becomes greater and greater each day. I've been formulating various scenarios (aka plots) in my head.

Friday, August 22, 2008

My love affair with the library

I had to do my weekly book swap and while I was there, I stopped in the children's library to ask about home school resources. I found out a few cool things.

They have a program for homeschooling families of all ages (including Pre-K) each month. This month it will be a general session on how to use the library, behave in the library, how to treat books, etc. They'll have activities for different ages. The bonus is that this happens at the central library which is right next door to my office.

They also have book boxes. These are collections of puzzles, books, puppets, games and audio tapes based on a theme. She gave me a list of themes and I just have to call and reserve it. They are for Pre-k through 2nd grade.

They also have curriculum planning materials.

I've always been a book nerd but the more I get into the library, the move I love it. Not only is it free, but they have such great resources. I don't think it's advertised enough.

Anyway, there's my post on being a library nerd. If you haven't checked yours out (sorry for the pun), you should and don't shy away from asking about available programs. Our library also has movie nights and other family friendly events. Most of them are free as well.

They also have toys. Big toys, little toys, puzzles, puppets... I just checked out a bowling set and a parachute!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Way behind on the ol' blogging...

Someday I'll get into this...

Chloe is such an information sponge. She is writing her letters and learning words. I'm really enjoying preschool with her and wishing I could stay home and do it full time. I always wanted to be a teacher you know.

Benjamin is on the verge of walking. I see little bits of babyness leaving him but not his wonderful smile.

The relationship between the two of them is so awesome.