Friday, December 12, 2008

A Much (MUCH) Overdue Update

These last few weeks have been a whirl, but I have missed my online buddies.

Ok, here's the not so quick and dirty

I was offered the job at AB and accepted. I put in my two weeks notice with a very congratulatory boss and sad co workers. The Monday of Thanksgiving week, I started off fine, but by the end of the workday felt at though I was on death's door. I had the same bronchitis that kept me up with my son for the previous two weeks. I don't think I've felt that bad in quite some time. My joints ached and I was exhausted. Luckily, my husband picked up a lot of the slack at home and I pretty much went straight from home to bed for the next couple of days.

Wednesday night Chloe burned her chin on a hot pizza pan and is alright but still has a mark. I'm slathering her with Mederma and praying it doesn't scar.

Thanksgiving was the icing on the cake. I was tired from being sick but still wanted to do all the cooking I had planned. I was way behind on laundry but managed to get a meal on the table just in time for Benjamin to decide to have a scream fest. We muddled through the rest of the day until I finally got him to bed. I went to heat up a plate for myself and right then the microwave died. Yes, dead, deceased and no more. Other than my cold plate of food, I'm not too upset and we haven't replaced it.

The next week was a blur as I cleaned out my desk (8 boxes!), finished up work, tried to instill the knowledge I had amassed in eight years to my co-workers, and said my goodbyes. It was very bitter sweet. The company threw me a nice going away party and my department coworkers took me to lunch.

I started my new job on December 8, the same day AB made the announcement to cut 1400 jobs and 415 contractor positions (which I am). Women were sobbing in the bathroom and everyone looked as though they'd been hit by a truck. What a first day. We find out on Monday who stays and who goes and I won't know anything until then. If I am let go, I'll get two weeks severance pay which isn't bad for only being on the job one week.

Honestly, if I am let go, I'm not sure what I'll do. I *think* I could get my old job back (although I hear they're on a hiring freeze) but am not sure if that's what I really want. I'd have a couple weeks extra pay and it's almost tax time so maybe it would be the kick out the door on the way to The Plan. At this point, I'm just surviving until Monday. I'll keep you posted.

On the happy news front, Stacey's company is having a Christmas party tomorrow night and they've bought us hotel rooms. The kids are going to stay with Christine. This is the first night we've ever been without the kids. There will be food, free booze and dancing. I'm fairly excited. I think I'll be taking a nap tomorrow afternoon. lol

The kids are doing well. Benjamin is climbing everything and doing a lot of toddler talk. He and Chloe are playing really well together and she seems to enjoy having someone who can keep up with her now. He's fun to watch b/c his play is more methodical. I can see him really having a good time with blocks and building sets.

Next month we're hoping to get Chloe back into preschool part time. She's doing well but I think she'd be happier playing with other kids a couple days a week. Of course, if I start staying home that won't happen, but again it's a wait and see world for me.

Oh, and my nipples have gone crazy. First my right side cracked open and was bleeding/hurting so bad during feedings I could hardly stand it. I finally got that under control after two weeks and my left side did the same thing. I caught it much earlier so it's not so bad but pumping has been terrible. I've gone through two tubes on lanolin. Thank God for that stuff.