Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's not a dog! Our weekend fun...

Friday night we headed to family fun night at our church. They have a new building with an indoor play area to rival any I've ever seen. The kids can climb and play while us adults take a break and chat.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the zoo. It was a cool overcast day and we hit the zoo early to avoid crowds. Plus, most "extras" are free for the first hour and while we are members (which means we get a certain number of passes) it's nice to save them. We went into the children's zoo first and the kids decided to pay in the fountains. This would be great except mom and dad forgot a spare set of clothes. Benjamin was fine rocking his diaper but poor Chloe had to deal with us wringing out her shirt. Luckily it warmed up and the sun came out so she was fine but it was for sure a no go on the penguin exhibit (where they keep it about 50f). Other parent's tried to shoo their kids out while mine jumped around like wild monkeys but that was mostly to no avail. In the end about 10 kids plus mine were splashing around and laughing.

Afterwards, we decided to look into adopting a pet. Our beloved cat, Fat Joe, had to be put to sleep last month and we've all been missing having a furry friend around. We decided to visit the City Shelter first but their list of requirements was so long (see a counselor, waiting period, get a money order) that we nixed that idea. We stopped by PetSmart knowing they have shelter pets there and sure enough there was a no kill shelter with several animals for adoption. Stacey let Chloe choose and thankfully she immediately went to the cats. Dogs are fine and good but honestly I'm a cat person and they're just too much work with two small children to manage.

There was a litter of four kittens, domestic long haired cats. They were all boys and two were orange and two were white. I really loved one of the orange cats but Chloe chose the two white kitties (even after a bit of begging from mom). We've named them Chuy (original name Huey but we like Chuy better) and Crooked (he's a bit cross-eyed). They were skittish at first but quickly warmed up. They love to sit with Chloe while she pets them and Benjamin squeals with laughter when they roll around and play. It's been a long time since I've had a kitten and they are a lot of fun.

Sunday we headed to church then back home to lounge around. I roasted a turkey breast on Saturday and we've been having various turkey meals (turkey nachos=WIN). Overall, a nice weekend!